Sea shipping is complex and involves multiple people above and beyond getting your freight to the port. It is also time consuming, but there are many reasons to ship by sea, mainly because shipping via ocean has actually become more affordable than shipping over the road in the USA.

  • Relocating Overseas - many people find employment in another country and want to bring items with them, or live like "snow birds" half the year in a more temperate climate, while living the better seasons in their home country. Some people move entire containers worth of valuables from household goods to vehicles to boats. Anything that can fit inside of a container can be stacked and shipped. Some people ship partial containers, sharing space to fill the container. We can help with both. 
  • World Travelers - some people travel constantly and own homes and or businesses all over the world. This type of shipping allows their valuables to reach the port of origin of their specification. From sporting items to recreation, what ever they might need in foreign lands, we can help. Some entertainers require stage sets to be shipped all over the world. Some athletes require advanced equipment for training when overseas, we can help.
  • Entrepreneurs - the logistics of starting a business in a foreign country can be daunting. Many times, you need to order equipment or supplies and machinery from Holland, Germany, China or the USA to be delivered to your destination country, this can be handled in a secure process with one of our logistics specialists.
  • Business Owners - with the power of the internet, prices can change drastically from one country to another, so always consider the shipping price when purchasing that item for India or China. Also, there is usually a bulk minimum when ordering products and shipping from other countries.
  • Auction Sales - Today buyers can pretty much purchase anything they can type into Google. You can get a smokin' deal on tractors, vehicles, boats, computers, apparel and just about anything you can think of - but how do you get it home?  Did you just buy 4 tractors on RitchieBros and need to get them to Chile? Or maybe you bought some forklifts on Iron Planet and need to get them to the Cayman Islands.  Walmart, Target & Macy's Bstocks sell out quickly, so how do you handle the red tape of shipping all those pallets to the UK?  We can help and we specialize in Auction sales shipping and logistics to just about anywhere in the world - even that yacht going to Hawaii. 

No matter what you are shipping, we can help. the steps are lengthy and our experience and expertise can help lift some of the burden and hassle from your shoulders. If you have never shipped anything overseas, here is a brief description of what it entails, and although this description is brief, the process is complex:

  • Packaging and logging all items in a detailed list for import/export, including filling out the Bill of Lading with corresponding commodity codes (NMFC) numbers and/or HS Commodity Codes. 
  • Safely packaging all items onto a truckload for delivery to port, all items need to be packed by a professional 3rd party mover with International packaging experience since the container can be moved several times while loading onto the ship, items should be secure and stable, vehicles need to be strapped tightly with heavy duty vehicle straps, etc. LTL requires specialty pallets and crates and they must meet hazardous rules.
  • Oversee log is properly analyzed and coded for entry of data into the export and customs system for destination country by authorized customs handling agent
  • Track the ship once it leaves port
  • Track the ship during route across sea
  • Be ready to receive container in destination port country with customs agent, customs administration has complete authority to open and and all items before approving release of those items
  • Clear customs
  • Deliver to destination address
The good news is we can take care of everything, as easy as 1 2 3

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