Air Freight is undoubtedly the fastest way to ship any freight, sometimes overnight. Always remember to use Safe Packaging practices when shipping by land, by air and by sea.

Safe Packaging

Refrigerated containers vary in size, but remember all freight is usually handled several times during transit, often by different carriers. It must be packaged to protect it from scuffing, vibration, crushing, dropping, humidity, and condensation. Go123Logistics highly recommends practicing safe packaging - load freight onto pallets or package freight into crates, or use sturdy shipping containers such as corrugated fiberboard boxes. Carriers have published tariffs that provide some guidance for packaging. Packaging engineers design and test packaging to meet the specific needs of the logistics system and the product being shipped. 

Proper packaging freight serves several purposes:

  • It helps protect the freight from handling and transit damage.
  • It helps protect other freight from being damaged by your freight.
  • It helps reduce package pilferage.
  • It helps to avoid loss situations; situations in which some of your freight is separated from the rest and lost in transit.
  • It helps protect the freight from ultimately being returned to sender. 

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