Electronic Logging Devices: Safety or Harassment?

Truckers across the country are up in arms over the Federally Mandated Electronic Logging Devices. If I am honest, the first time this mandate was brought to my attention I thought “what a great idea! This is a move to keep our highways safe!” However, in doing a bit more research and learning why the truck drivers are opposed to this mandate, I may need to rethink my position!

According to Depillis (2015) of the Washington Post, drivers are more concerned with harassment from the shipping companies. Upon first hearing of the drivers disdain of ELD’s, I thought it was more of a Big Brother concern as no one wants the government looking into their business; however, I learned it is more a concern of being harassed by shipping companies nagging them about stops made and tracking their every move (DePillis, 2015).

Luckily, the mandate is said to come with firm protections against coercion and harassment; however, we all know that said protections are rarely enforced and if they are, it is very time consuming! 

Time is money!! 

Though highway safety advocates and American Trucking Associations are for this mandate, many Independent truckers may choose to call it quits! (DePillis, 2015)

I know after learning this side of the story, my ideals on this topic have shifted a bit. 

What about you? How do you feel about ELD’s and the possible harassment endured by truckers?

DePillis, L. (2015). New federal rules will subject drivers to more monitoring than ever. Washington Post. (December 24, 2015)
Ashley W.
Ashley W.

Ashley W., an expert in logistics, previously worked as a shipping manager in the Medical Imaging Equipment field. She recently obtained her Masters in Business Administration from Walden University and also attended SWFL College, graduating Magna Cum Laud. Ashley W. currently resides in Southwest Florida with her family. She specializes in LTL Freight, Truckload and Container moves within the USA as well as Business & Residential moves to Morocco, Greece and Colombia.

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