Solar Advancements for Refrigerated Trucks

We just read an awesome article about solar energy specifically for refrigerated trucks. This is a cool new alternative to maintain a green footprint while getting your clients their needs when dealing with temperature controlled environments for long hauls.
Carrier Transicold Thin Film Flexible Solar Panels are designed to maintain the refrigeration unit’s battery charge. Photo: Carrier Transicold
Transport refrigeration system batteries are increasingly being tapped to power additional electronics such as telematics devices, fuel-level sensors, interior trailer lighting and other accessories. Because these accessories can continue to draw power – sometimes up to a few amps per hour – while the refrigeration unit is off, the reefer battery might not have enough charge to start the engine if the unit has not been operated for some time. That could mean an expensive jump-start, and it also means trailers drop off of asset-tracking systems. But now, thanks to new technology by Carrier Transicold and other manufacturers, and advancements in solar energy, no need to worry about the shipment arriving on time, cold and stress free.
Niki M.
Niki M.

Niki M., an entrepreneur by blood and part-time writer has 20 years in Business Administration in the Hotel and Restaurant Industry. She is now a key agent in USA Truckloads and LTL freight - gaining knowledge and strengthening client relationships with her undeniable will to exceed expectations combined with her tenacious work ethic and integrity. She specializes in Container, Boat & LTL moves to Hawaii, Costa Rica and Mexico. Languages spoken: English, Spanish

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